Get Rich Calculator

Here is a Spare Cash Calculator for you to quickly determine what savings you can make each week that will get you thinking the wealthy way.

Having Fun Getting Wealthy

If you spend very little, you can save the most money, but your life might be very boring. But do you need to live a boring life whilst building your wealth? Here are two ways of thinking:

  1. Spending money is fun and exciting. How can I get the biggest buzz right now. My bank just called me, they said I'm such a great customer, they'll reward me with an increased limit on my credit card. Wow, now I can go for that trip overseas. Who cares about the interest payments - Live for the today, tomorrow will look after itself - that's my credo.
  2. How can I get an interesting life but at a low cost - especially while I'm building my fortune? I need to pay off all my credit cards, join a low cost social group, such as Toastmasters. I need to stop buying things that won't give me a good 'fun' return on my investment - a new car is nice, but having one won't improve my life much. A new iPad or TV are not as expensive, and I would gain much more enjoyment from them, compared to what i'm using now. Likewise, I would get more value for money, subscribing to Netflix, and going to the theater less often. Enjoy today, and invest in tomorrow - that's my credo.

Which statement best describes you? If its #1, are you prepared to switch to #2? Which would other's (partner, friends, commerce) like you to be, and why?

About the Calculator

As bills usually come in every month or every three months, I've made the expenses to cover 12 weeks. Use your bank statement to enter exact figures, so you can get a good idea of whats happening with your finances. See how your savings increase over 5 years buy reducing the expenses marked with an asterisk *, such as gambling.

If you find that you have no money to save, you need to either reduce your expenses, or increase your income. The easiest way to increase your income might be to get someone to rent a spare room for example.

Spare Cash Calculator
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